Thursday, August 1, 2013

Best Days.

Completely random, but I think one of the best (and probably most amusing) parts of the Farmer's Almanac is the 'Best Days Calendar.'  It shares with us the presumably best days of the year to do certain things.  So here you have it...I share with you what you should being checking off of your 'Honey-Do' this today.  You should probably get hitched today.
As any farmer will tell you, it's been a very productive season compared to last year and the Orchard is no exception.  We've been very blessed with our yields, thus far, this year and hope of that trend to continue. 
With that, we wanted to share some photos of other produce we have and offer (when we, ourselves, don't consume it!) on occasion.  The colors this season are truly phenomenal!
Squash, Peppers & Tomatoes.  Oh MY!


Willa with her beautiful Dinner Plate Hibiscus! 

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