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Friday nights before we set up at the Farmer's Market, after picking, we wash the apples in preparation.
Stark Delicious Pears and Grandma Lee
Pits beneath a peach tree

Baby Ida Red Apples.  In our opinion, these make the absolute best pies!
Juvenile Honeycrisp Apples

Ozark Premiere Plum - Full Bloom             
    Golden Delicious
Loaded apple tree before thinning
Kandil Sinap. Blemished fruit is removed during thinning to make room for others to grow and flourish.

 This year's plums are off to a great start!!!
Josh and Cassie thinning apple trees.  Not a bad gig at all!

Ginger Gold.
Mild with a tart finish.  These are great for eating in hand or in pies.

Red Free.
Crisp, sweet and juicy, these apples have a natural waxy and smooth skin.

A couple more weeks and we'll have these JonaGold.  Juicy & Sweet!
Granny Smith.  Already getting some good size!


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